Postsandian ruminations


Well, I’m high and dry.  My neighborhood got off fairly lucky; there were some flood zones not too far away, and I definitely heard a few transformers go up during the night (hopefully Decepticons), but I never lost power.  That’s not true for a lot of New Yorkers, though, who still don’t have power.  I’m kind of amazed by the scope of the destruction: for some reason I expected the MTA shutdown to be something like a 24-hour precaution, probably because I’m naive and from California.  So did my roommate, though, I guess, who hustled over to Manhattan before the storm hit and now is stuck there for the foreseeable future.  Both our cars are fine, though, and my cat, so we were very fortunate overall.  I hope that’s true of everyone I know who I haven’t heard from, and who evacuated — good luck to them all.  (Above are some New Yorkers seeking comfort at the temple of their goddess, courtesy @nowthisisnews.)

Thoughts and prayers go out to those who perished or were injured, and to those whose lives were impacted in ways that can’t be rectified in a few days or weeks.

The stray cats of my apartment complex made themselves scarce the day before the storm hit.  Now they seem to be back.  I don’t know how cats work, but I’m glad that they do.

By the way, for those worried about the subway tunnel rats.  What do you mean, “no one else was worried about the subway tunnel rats.”  Of course they were.  I mean I have no idea who this person would… be… naturally, but I’m sure they, err, theoretically exist.


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