IF Comp 2012 Results

The IF Comp 2012 Results have come in.  Congratulations to Andromeda Apocalypse for the win!  Congrats are also in order for runners-up Eurydice and Guilded Youth, and to everyone, really; thank you, authors, for such a fun round of games to play and review.  My slowness with putting up reviews aside, I really have enjoyed all the games this year and I’m really happy to have joined in the IF Comp process even in such a marginal and insignificant way.  It’s been incredibly illuminating to myself as a player and author both, and as a reviewer, too.

I turned in my votes about 30 minutes before deadline, true to form for my entire history with deadlines.  And I suspect I only got them in on time at all because it was an automated deadline: automated deadlines are so good for my punctuality!  If there’s humans involved I have this tendency to count on wiggle room.  I once turned in a term paper on which my entire class grade depended in college about :30 before it was due, in a TA’s office, after writing and printing it out in the 15 minutes prior and then sprinting across campus: the point is I thought I was really clever at the time, but in hindsight I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I’d, like, tripped.

Anyway, IF Comp 2012 reviews will continue here a little tardily, interspersed with other things.  That’s likely for the best: maintaining a steady and intense IF-only blog for a period of time and then reverting to other things would be most likely jarring and disappointing, like how I turn into a single-topic conversationalist during Game of Thrones season and then never watch TV again.  I think I’m going to leave off naming what numerical grades I gave the IF Comp games, though, out of some superstitious protocol that always prevents me talking about students’ grades and standardized test scores and other such quantitatively impolite dinner-table conversation.

Thanks to those who’ve read and commented!  Hope to still see you around while I put together the notes I’ve taken on the other games!


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3 Responses to IF Comp 2012 Results

  1. Andrew Schultz says:

    Hey, I wasn’t able to comment, being an author this year (my pseudonym was Ned Yompus–and as you reviewed my game, you may see what I did there.) But I think my fellow competitors agree & I look forward to what you have to say on the other games. It’s never too late

    And as a judge who probably didn’t give enough time to a pretty good game in ’10 & just gave it a 5 to say I judged them all–well, I’d say it happens to us all, especially the first time we’re judging (and even if we don’t take the time to write reviews.)

    If you’re interested in writing a game (I bet you’d do pretty well,) hope to see you around intfiction.org & you’re able to get your writing questions answered and find testers. It can be tough to start to ask.

    • Hey, thanks for commenting, Andrew! I’m amazed Pseudonym anagrammed so neatly, in retrospect: useful for you, I imagine. 🙂

      And thank you for your words re. judging: I do plan to pick my way around to the rest of them, I just hadn’t accounted for the time investment as well as I should’ve. As a matter of fact I do have an Inform game in the works and sometimes stalk intfiction.org to answer my own coding questions, but you’re totally right in that I should stop lurking and just join the discussion already. I’ll definitely be needing testers. Patient testers. Probably very patient testers.

      Anyway, I enjoyed your game and getting to review it, so good to see you around!

      • Andrew Schultz says:

        Yeah, I had fun looking through first names containing those 9 letters (PERL script) & hoping for a semi-odd last name. Moe Spudny was a close 2nd.

        Glad to see you over there, and better to ask for testing too soon than too late. The worst that happens is people tell you to fix X, Y or Z and get back with something updated.

        I found it helped to test a few games to get a feel for what my testers see–or even to realize, yeah, other people’s first drafts can have big holes, too.

        For checking stuff on your own, Emily Short’s Property Checking (so examining stuff gives a decent response) and Juhana Leinonen’s Object Response Tests help get rid of a lot of drudge work, though.

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