Bull of Heaven” (Strange Horizons) (July 2016) / (Wilde Stories 2017) (July 2017)
An android monk and his wealthy benefactor make an unusual discovery in the wastes of space.

“My name is Brother Francis of Yamazoe,” continued Francis without rancor. “What’s yours?”

The golden thing rolled back onto the mattress face-up with a lazy twitch of his shoulders. He stared at the ceiling, lips slack. “A man of God,” he said. His voice was warm and resonant, touched by an unknown accent. “I suppose I should be so lucky.”

Swan-Brother (Ideomancer) (March 2013) / (GlitterShip) (July 2015)
A Royal Navy captain makes a deal to regain something he’s lost forever, at the price of a swan’s life–and perhaps a bit more.

“You’re a soldier. Is there nothing you want back,” she said, “that you’ve lost?”

“Legerdemain” (Daily Science Fiction) (April 2013)
A magician performs sleight of hand.

“Gang lords in Camden make people disappear,” you correct him through a puff of smoke. “I make people vanish. But thank you.”

He’s a very bold man in some respects, for he tilts his head at you and asks, “Where do they go?”

You raise your eyebrows. “Where indeed?”

“Forests of the Night” (We See A Different Frontier) (July 2013)
In Victorian Yorkshire, a Malaysian boy is haunted by his parentage and by a seemingly impossible monster.

“I’ve always thought there was something quintessentially Oriental,” said the Captain’s friend Burroughs, “about the tiger. Don’t you think, Captain?”


Xyzzymposium 2014: Gabriel Murray on Best Story” (XYZZY Awards)


Cloud Atlas” (Strange Horizons)
2012 in Review” (with the SH Reviewers) (Strange Horizons)
Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman” (Strange Horizons)
The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates” (Strange Horizons)
Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells: An Anthology of Gaslamp Fantasy ed. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling” (Strange Horizons)

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